About the Art and the Artist, Richard Ashton

Richard Ashton, currently of Poulsbo, WA,  has been designing handmade jewelry for the past 35 years. The earrings and necklaces designed in this collection have been fashioned by incorporating solely natural materials, including semi-precious agates, jasper, antique glass trading beads, Austrian crystals, hand carved camel and water buffalo bone, African amber, buffalo horn, mussel and coconut shell. Each and every piece of jewelry is individually handmade by the artist himself. Richard’s designs are created with care and are one-of-a-kind styles of unusually high quality. Richard refers to his collection as “Wearable Art.”

Handmade Jewelry and Symbolism

One thing all cultures have in common is symbols. They mark the conception of all language, meaning, art and communication. Richard has included certain symbols within the arrangement of many of the pieces in this collection. These symbols are usually expressed in the visual form of birds, crosses, tortoise (symbolizing long life), frog (the infinite), rabbit (fertility) and asymmetrical designs representing Yin and Yang for harmony and balance.

African Pendants and the Artist’s Choice of Semi-Precious Stones

Also included in Richard’s designs is the “African Pendant” (Talisman) style. These creations are made with leather, hand stitched, incorporating for example glass, agates, shell, metal (Ashanti bronzes), and sometimes amber to achieve a powerful yet harmonious design. During his 35 years as a handmade jewelry artist, Richard has come to love the basic nature and beauty of stones such as Aventurine, Amethyst, Blue Lace Agate, Carnelian, Howlite, Rose Quartz and Unichite, just to name a few. Each stone has its own unique physical – and supposed spiritual – properties that make them resonate powerfully with the individual. Visit our Stones Gallery to view our collection of semi-precious stones.

Richard Ashton   Richard Ashton - Bryce Canyon