Regrouping 2021

As you can see – our last post was January 2020 and we had high hopes for creating jewelry and sharing those creations with others.  However, 2020 didn’t evolve as expected.  As we all know, Covid came into everyone’s lives and altered our Universes.  We’re now vaccinated, “boostered” and are trying to get a bit of normal back.  Richard did the Poulsbo Art Show in August 2021 – we’ve done that show many times and this time was the best one ever.  I think everyone was happy to be out and about and the mood was positive.  We’re doing another show the first weekend in December, the Bainbridge Island Studio Tour.  Those dates are December 3-5, 2021.  We’re hoping for a good turnout.  Richard took part in a very cool lapidary class at the B.A.R.N. on Bainbridge Island this summer.  He has some silver classes coming up.  We’re wishing the best to you and yours.  Take care.